The minimalist guide to digital minimalism

I was recently inspired by Matt D’Avella on YouTube to try and minimalise my digital life. This guide will teach you to be minimalist without having to use Apple products.

1. Install Ubuntu.

Click here for a guide to installing Ubuntu.

It is safe to say that Windows 10 is an incredibly messy OS, cluttered with unnecessary programs, and some of which are surprisingly difficult to remove.

Yes, there are plenty of distributions which are more minimalistic than Ubuntu, but the time you put into installing and maintaining the distribution, as well as the fact that there is far more software and support available for Ubuntu make Ubuntu the best option. Debian is also a good choice.

When you are installing Ubuntu, be sure to check the “Minimal Installation” box. This makes sure that only the essential programs are installed.

2. Don’t keep duplicates.

NOTE: This does not apply to backups of your data. Keep as many duplicate backups of your data as you can.

I find that for whatever reason I have 2 copies of the same file in different folders, or maybe two different web browsers for absolutely no reason.

Try, for a week, to stick to just one web browser. I recommend Brave Browser (as long as you turn off Brave Rewards) as it is pretty simple to install unlike Ungoogled Chromium, and tries to respect your privacy, unlike Google Chrome. Firefox-based browsers can be difficult to use exclusively as some websites are designed to only work in Google Chrome.

3. Organise your files.

I cannot emphasise this enough.

Create sub-directories of your Documents, Pictures, Downloads and Music folders. Create sub-directories for your sub-directories. Set your browser to ask where you want to save files. Make your screenshot tool autosave to a specific directory. AVOID CLUTTER!

Clutter leads to frustration.

Also remember your hidden dot files. Try to use XDG specification to keep these organised and avoid cluttering your $HOME.

3. Keep away from distractions.

One nice looking way to do this on Android is to install a simplistic launcher. I recommend Light Android Launcher from F-Droid, because it has a simple list layout without app icons, and you can pin the applications which are essential.

Quit social media.

Quit as many social media sites as you can. The obvious ones such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat and TikTok have endless scolling features which I am guilty of spending hours and hours on. A bonus to this is you will have more privacy in your day-to-day life.

You have reached the end of my blogpost. Thank you for putting up with my rambling.

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